Beach – Volleyball

Eligibility criteria: athletes who participated during the last 3 years as representing their country in the Olympic Games or a competition organized by the FIVB or a Continental Confederation cannot participate in the CSIT competitions.

In the case of a “not clear status” the participating federation has to clarify the status by sending all relevant information’s to the TC Volleyball. It is to be decided by the TC chairman and secretary indoor Volleyball if the eligibility criteria is valid or not before sending the player(s) to the CSIT Championships or World Sports Games.

Team competitions – men and women (18 years and older)

Composition of the teams:

Men: 3 players, 1 substitute, 1 referee (desirable) 1 coach,

Women: 3 players, 1 substitute, 1 referee (desirable), 1 coach

Team competitions men (-40 years +40 years and +50 years) 

Team competitions women (-35 years and +35 years)

Depending on the number of registered teams, championships in these age categories will be conducted. Latest information:

Unions/parties can bring unlimited teams per gender and 1 head of the delegation! 


Thierry de LONCHAMP

Beach – Volleyball Secretary

Rue de Scandicci, 14,
93508 Pantin Cedex,

Phone: +33 1 4942 2319
Fax: +33 1 4942 2360

CSIT Regulations for Beach – Volleyball

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