WSG 2017 – Registration Deadline 7th of May

It´s only seven weeks till the opening ceremony of 5th CSIT World Sports Games (WSG) from 13th to 18th June, 2017 in Riga (Latvia).

The registration of international guests is very satisfying so far. The number of participants is as high as at the last Games 2015 in Lignano. Nevertheless, the gate for Riga 2017 is closing. The definitive registration deadline for the WSG is 7th of May. If you want to join the Games , please use the online-registration-platform „Sportcare-Nesea“.

You are only finally registered, if all financial obligations are fullfilled with May 7th! Not respecting this deadline will cause 30% of penalty fees on all costs according to CSIT articles!

We strongly recommend: Don´t forget to upload your pictures into the platform due to following reasons: 1 – You can shorten your waiting time at the Games Accreditation Center; 2 – You can avoid misuse due to security reasons and the high security standard in Latvia.

In view of obtaining visa, please do not hesitate to contact Baltic CSIT member union and WSG host Latvian Sport for All Association (LTSA) directly via Following recommendations and steps are of importance: 1 – apply for a visa as soon as your participation is confirmed; 2 – inquire at the embassy about procedure and documents; 3 – set an appointment with the embassy in advance; 4 – apply in person in order to give your fingerprints; 5 – take into account the “WSG Cancellation Policy”.

WSG2017-APP ready for download soon
CSIT is one the oldest sports organisations worldwide, older than 100 years. On the other side CSIT is a dynamic organisation with modern standards. CSIT created the “WSG2017-APP for Smartphones” specially for the World Sports Games 2017 in Riga, which is ready for download soon! The new APP informs about disciplines, schedule, results, venues, transport and all social and cultural events during the WSG 2017, easy and quick. The WSG2017-APP is available even in the apple store and several stores of android smartphones.