June, 16th 2017 at 19:00 Guinness record Mamanet, Lucavsala

Guinness book record in Mamanet will be held on June 16 on the beautiful riverside called Lucavsala (marked as P on the map) in Riga starting at 19:00 in the evening.

The record will be based on the 50 nets and 100 teams on the centenary of Latvia.

Each team will consist: of 6 persons (children, men and women), all CSIT participants are very welcome to take a part, to play Mamanet and to be a part of Guinness book.

Each participant will receive T-shirt in Latvian red or white color to make a shape of Latvian state contour.

Please register for the Guinness record in Mamanet – https://wsg2017.com/en/registration-form-for-guinness-record-in-mammanet-catche-ball-on-the-16-of-june-2017-at-lucavsala-riga-latvia/